What people are saying

“We've been doing business with St. Croix Press for over 15 years and they have consistently produced quality commercial printing for us. We always receive superior customer service, excellent attention to detail and timely production.”
-- Frank Hendricks, Williams Publications, Inc.

“Our Company’s decades-long relationship with St. Croix Press has always been enhanced by their professionalism, consistency, friendliness and loyalty.  Everyone at St. Croix Press is committed to doing the best job they can for their clients, and we appreciate that.”
-- Mike Callan, Callan Publishing

“We sure appreciate everything you folks have done for us over the years. When I look back at some of our older catalogs, I appreciate even more what your people have taught us. And the fact that you've coached us on how to do it in-house is even more valuable.”
-- Jerry Brown, Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.

Hear what Elaine Duerr from Art of the West says about St. Croix Press, Inc.